How to Sand Hardwood Floors with Orbital Sander – A Guide

How to Sand Hardwood Floors with Orbital Sander

An orbital sander on the floor! How possible is that? The name orbital sander mostly reminds people of that handy sanding equipment known as the random orbital sander, used on wood surfaces. However, there exists another sort of orbital sander designed to be used on hardwood floors. They can accommodate unusually coarse grit sandpapers that … Read more

How to Use a Drum Sander – Advantages and Peculiarities

How to Use a Drum Sander

Generally speaking, sanders are great tools for sanding. We sometimes imagine our fates sanding wood and general bodywork without these machines. For one, the pace and quality of work these machines help us achieve are worth every cent on its purchase. However, they all are not engaged in the same manner. Considering the intent of … Read more

What Is a Da Sander – Peculiarities and Appropriate Use

What Is Color Sanding

On woodwork and general body such as metals, sanders are very essential tools. Particularly, they help us actualize that even, glossy, and scratch-free look. However, there are various kinds of sanders. This article is born out of the need to explain one of those: DA sanders. In doing this, we will compare its function with some … Read more

How To Use a Sander – measures and precautions for sander

How To Use a Sander

Have you ever imagined prehistoric times without the aid of sanders? How were the craftsmen able to smoothen wooden items? How much stress and uneven surfaces did woodworkers go through? As woodworkers, we understand the importance of sanders. Maybe sometimes you try thinking what woodwork would be without sanders, sandpapers, the variety of grits, and other power … Read more