How to Sand Furniture with Grooves: The Ultimate DIY Guide

If you’re wondering how to sand furniture with grooves, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step approach to tackle this often tricky task.

How to Sand Furniture with Grooves

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How to Sand Furniture with Grooves: Tools You’ll Need

Before you start learning how to sand furniture with grooves, gather the following tools:


First, remove any paint or finish from the furniture. Use a paint scraper for this task. Make sure to wear your protective gear to avoid inhaling any particles.

Sanding the Flat Areas

Start with the flat areas of the furniture. Use an electric sander for this. Begin with a coarse-grit sandpaper and gradually move to a finer grit. Make sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain.

Sanding the Grooves

Now, let’s focus on how to sand the grooves. Use a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a cotton swab to reach into the grooves. Again, start with a coarse grit and move to a finer one. Sand in the direction of the grain.

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Finishing Up

Once you’ve sanded both the flat areas and the grooves, wipe down the furniture with a damp cloth to remove any residual dust. Now your furniture is ready for staining or painting.

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