What Is Color Sanding – Color Sanding Your Car

What Is Color Sanding

Being an autobody and paint job guy is more of a visual thing. You do not need an expert to tell you a good job from a bad one. From dealing with various levels of scratches to getting that desired glossy look for your car, what is the role of color sanding? How does it … Read more

How Long to Wait Before Wet Sanding Clear Coat – Timely Details

How Long to Wait Before Wet Sanding Clear Coat

Timing is everything. When it comes to sanding, it isn’t just about carrying out the procedures. You have to act at the right time. The difference between a great job and one that is bad can be down to timing. Apart from time, techniques and quality of products are also essential. However, on our scale … Read more

What Is an Orbital Sander – How do they Work

What Is an Orbital Sander

As writers, there are certain times we run out of words. In those moments, there aren’t just facts and ideals as we’ll like them to come. However, as woodworkers and writers, we never lack words to describe the awesome qualities of these pieces of equipment – orbital sanders. So, what is an orbital sander? While … Read more